SOVA - Spectral-Optical Vision Assistant

About the program

SOVA is a software package (PC) for automatic identification of geological anomalies from multi-scale remote sensing data for solving geological exploration problems.

The PC is designed to analyze remote sensing data in order to identify geological anomalies when carrying out work on assessing, searching and forecasting mineral deposits.

The software package can be used in geological exploration, specialized scientific and educational organizations, and in government agencies in the field of subsoil use.

PC was created with the support of the Innovation Promotion Fund.


  • identifying the locations of ferrugination areas;
  • identifying the locations of light rock outcrops;
  • calculation of spectral indices characterizing the chemical composition of minerals and rocks;
  • highlighting the structural elements of the area;
  • construction of integral layers characterizing the probable position of promising areas.


The software is distributed as an Internet service; no special steps are required to install the software on the user’s side.

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The cost of the product is calculated individually depending on the configuration of the modules

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